Once Again on CCTV! 镜头里藏着一片果园和它的梦
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This is the land under the Qinling Mountains


A kiwi


A lot of people's dreams


A land and soil


Nourishing the growth of generations


Poetic nostalgia for the tenacity of farmers

诗意的乡愁   农民的坚韧

Realistic brushstrokes and touching stories

现实的笔触   感人的故事

Documentary on Rural Revitalization”The Countryside”


November 7th


Appear on CCTV


Official premiere


Stay tuned


Small industries show great rural development


Small individuals concentrate and struggle to get rich


With the rural revitalization of contemporary Shaanxi rural areas as the background, focusing on three peasant families with different identities, comprehensively tracking and recording all aspects of their life and production, through rich lens and language, vividly show the development of kiwifruit industry in Zhouzhi County, Xi 'an, promote the spirit of hard work and prosperity in rural areas, and tell the brilliant achievements of contemporary China's rural revitalization. In the individual narrative to find the Chinese people through the struggle to achieve a well-off life "code".



The whole film focuses on agriculture, concern about rural areas, care about farmers, from the growth process of kiwifruit to see the "three changes" reform of The Times, look at the new changes in farmers' ideas, industrial technology, governance and management, from which to see life, look at life, look at the endless growth of farmers, people deeply appreciate the tenacious farmers, agriculture can be expected, rural hope!


The filming of this film lasted for two years, from the natural environment to the social environment to do a lot of preliminary research, on the basis of tens of thousands of words of field investigation report, officially entered the Zhou Zhi shooting. The film received wide acclaim after the test screening, and won the Best documentary Series of Li Li Fresh Proposal in 2022.



Poster for“The Countryside”


"Although the modern way of life is constantly deconstructing rural society, most people still retain the original memory of the beauty of the traditional countryside in the local complex - green mountains and green water curling up smoke, chickens and ducks, and thick nostalgia." These are both valuable resources of the countryside and irreplaceable values of the countryside." Director Song Manchao felt this.


It is understood that "Country" is a four-part documentary series, each episode of 25 minutes. It is scheduled to be broadcasted on November 7, 8, 9 and 10 shown on CCTV of the Agriculture and Rural Channel of CCTV and the satellite TV of Record China. It is planned to be broadcasted globally on CGTN, and then launched on iQiyi, Youku, Tencent and other platforms.